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Exploring the World Around You

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Exploring the World Around You
by Gary Parker


Another ground breaking book from a Christian Scientist; this time, on the environment • Loaded with good information and illustrations • The author ’s love for God ’s creation informs the book • Reminds Christians to be stewards of the earth Come explore the world. From the mountain heights where the air is thin and breathing is difficult to the heated deserts where temperatures can soar to well over 120 degrees, come explore the world. From the sultry, wet rain forests where sunlight never brightens the underneath to the dry, arctic tundra with its fragile ecosystem, come explore the world. From the variable deciduous forests rich with wildlife to the arid grasslands where animals roam in herds, come explore the world. A celebration of the earth ’s environments and the Christian ’s obligation to this unique home.

Take a look at God's awesome, beautiful, and breathtaking Creation as you flip the pages of this book. Travel through the environments found on our planet, from desert to the tropics with a creationist perspective. Researcher and biologist Dr. Gary Parker explains about ecosystems, population growth, habitats, energy problems and much more.

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