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Evolution's Fraud Book & DVD Offer

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For a donation of $35, we would like to make available these excellent eye-opening resources that exposes the outright deceptive practices of evolution and challenges this heinous theory as a scientific fact. Both the book and DVD make a great resource to share with others who need to hear and see the truth that our Lord is real. Your donation allows CSI to continue moving forward. Thank you in advance!

Evolution: Not a Chance! DVD 

Popular scientist Dr. David Menton captivates viewers with fascinating illusions as he explains that evolution doesn't stand a chance when compared to the truth of science, and most importantly, God's Word. This celebrated instructor uses practical illustrations to demonstrate the "integrated complexity" that would be necessary for evolution to be true. His warm teaching style and enjoyable wit make this DVD fun to follow and easy to understand. In a respectful way, Menton demonstrates why it is true that a person must have a sizeable amount of credulity in order to buy into the tale of evolution. And don't worry, it's okay to laugh as you learn! Length: 53 minutes | Technicality: Layman | Ages: Teens – Adults

Evolution’s Blunders, Frauds and Forgeries Book

While most people might be able to name one or two, few are aware of the sheer number of embarrassing deceptions used to prop up evolutionary theory. This book highlights multiple examples that have misled generations.

Some, like the famous Piltdown Man fraud, took many decades to uncover while leading evolutionists kept singing its praises to an increasingly indoctrinated public.

How many of us know about how a misidentification of the chemical reaction between alcohol and the calcium carbonate in seawater, something chemists at the time were certainly aware of, led leading evolutionists to breathlessly proclaim incipient life covered the ocean floor?

Who knows that genera and species were invented to support the ‘fact’ of evolution?

The countless fakes and mistakes are not mild aberrations in a self-correcting march to truth. In fact, evolutionary theory itself comes under severe pressure from the evidence in this book. For instance, diagrams of developing embryos, from a supposedly expert academic, were so useful in persuading people that evolution was unquestionably true that their exposure as fraudulent was ignored. It took over 100 years for this fraud to be re-exposed, and textbook publishers have still been very reluctant to drop it.

More recently, National Geographic triumphantly proclaimed a hybrid fossil as an ideal ‘intermediate’ between birds and dinosaurs. Their forced retraction of this glued-together monstrosity was barely noticeable.

Disturbingly, the author also highlights secular work showing that, especially in the life sciences, we are presently in the grip of an unprecedented epidemic of scientific fraud.

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