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Genesis The Missing Piece and Question of Origins

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Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle DVD
by Canadian Apologist, Calvin Smith

Most church leaders would agree that the Western world is becoming less Christian every year. Canadian apologist Calvin Smith reveals that nations once built upon biblical foundations are watching the collapse of godly values in our culture, and Christians seem powerless to stop it. It’s like a giant puzzle, and the church can’t seem to find the missing piece. Did this happen by chance, or is there a deeper issue? With so many areas for the church to deal with, we need to ask ourselves, "What is the key issue the church needs to focus on?" Discover the answer in this dynamic video presentation! Length: 53 min Ages: Teens-Adults


The Question of Origins Book
Perfect book for the entire family! This resource will give you the tools we all need to evaluate where we, life, and the universe came from. You will learn to think critically as you examine the evidence for yourself, in a range of scientific fields. Topics covered include genetics, the origin of life, fossils, missing links, plate tectonics, radiometric dating, embryology, the origin of man, and the implications of creation and evolution for our worldview.

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