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For a donation of $35.00 or more, you’ll receive the book, “Don’t Miss the Boat” and the DVD “The Reality of Noah’s Ark.” These resources will help you to distinguish the truth about Noah's Ark.

The Reality of Noah’s Ark DVD
In order to distinguish the truth about Noah's Ark and to clear the fog-of-confusion, Branyon May (Ph.D.) plainly addresses the facts and clearly demonstrates "The Reality of Noah's Ark" with stunning visuals and concrete examples to strengthen your faith in this two-hour video.

Don't Miss the Boat Book

By Paul Taylor
Here is your comprehensive guide to creationist thinking on the Flood in an easy-to-understand style!
•Get your facts and misunderstandings about the Flood straightened out!
•Study the history of the immediate post-Flood world, as well as modern considerations of the histories of earth sciences
•Read four fictional short stories that place the reader back in time just before the Flood-showing a world filled with non-belief and the few who reached out to save other with God's truth.

Don't Miss the Boat provides various perspectives on the biblical account of the Great Flood that speak to both the technical and scientific evidence we see around the world today. This book contains information for the layman who wants to know the basics, as well as the solid evidence that can be shared with anyone. Theological considerations, historical essays, and scientific implications are included, as well as fictional representations that convey the emotional power of God's judgment on a wicked pre-Flood world, rounding out this unique resource.


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