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Did God Use Evolution?

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Did God Use Evolution?
by Werner Gitt

The Bible states clearly the world was created. Humanism-dominated science presents theories of evolution as truth. Thousands of years and in six days-- or millions of years and evolution? Christians are stuck between the principles of their faith and the "evidence" being touted as truth in our educational system. Too often Christians struggle to find a way to bridge the gap between faith and science, and the question of God using evolution is a common one. One of the most common and confusing questions of our time is now answered convincingly by Dr. Werner Gitt, and information specialist who has studied the creation-evolution debate for decades.

Drawing from a variety of topics-biology, biblical chronology, and the origin of human language-and showing their relation to one another in solving this question, author Gitt reveals that evolution is not only bad science, it also violates Scripture.

This book addresses relevant subjects such as:
* The origin of man
* The origin of human language
* Human behavior
* The origin and future of the universe



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