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Giants: Legends & Lore of Goliaths

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We must set aside the old ways of thinking, the ways that speak of myths as simple legends, and begin to consider the idea that the ancient world knew something we don’t: its own history.

  • Delves uniquely into the ancient accounts of giants from around the world
  • Aimed at bringing people into a deeper trust in the accuracy of the Word of God
  • Full-color artistry developed in an interactive format with folds and flaps, booklets, and more!

The word “myth” has come to mean “fiction” in our minds, and so we take Bible accounts, Aesop’s fables, and Greek myths and place them all in the same category. But what if some of the old legends are true? Rather than dismiss these narratives, perhaps we should investigate them. In this case, the world is full of giant legends that speak of heroes and wars. The ancient world agrees on one central aspect of the Bible: early in the history of mankind, a race of violent, yet intelligent, giants walked the earth, were destroyed by the Flood, though some re-emerged later. Through historical records we reconstruct the pre-Flood (and post-Flood) worlds and see that the Bible can be trusted.

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