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Stars Of Light

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Stars Of Light: The Hidden Message Of Redemption
Chris Giacketti Siegel

Ever look up at the night sky and feel the wonder of the vast multitude of light in our galaxy?

The stars were put there for a reason: for God to communicate His-Story. It is up to us, however, to decode them. Stars of Light: The Hidden Message of Redemption - Message One, the first book of a trilogy, reveals how the natural light of the stars speaks of the spiritual light that God has placed in each of His believers. Author Chris Giacketti Siegel shows how the twelve constellations of the zodiac can be divided into three sets of four constellations. Each set of four tells a different part of God's story. By using the skies as His canvas, God has revealed the light of the Gospel for the whole world to see. Through the study of each constellation of the zodiac and their stars, Siegel explains how the stars tell of God's redemption, His victory over evil, and His return. The heavens reveal that Jesus Christ is at the very center of God's story on Earth as well as in the heavens. By linking the light of the stars with the light of God's messages of redemption and spiritual liberation, Stars of Light: The Hidden Message of Redemption - Message One offers an intricate and illuminating biblical journey through the mysteries of astronomy and astrology.

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