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Dragons Or Dinosaurs DVD

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Dragons or Dinosaurs
ICR/Cloud Ten Pictures

What if evidence exists that man lived alongside dinosaurs?

Dragon images and legends are found all over the world and in nearly every culture. They are widely considered to be mythical creatures, but what if dragons were actually dinosaurs?

The popular understanding of the dinosaur era is often used to discredit the Bible's teachings of creation, a young earth, and Noah's Flood. What if their existence instead actually helps prove the veracity of the biblical account? Featuring today's leading creation science researchers-including ICR's President Dr. John Morris, Senior Science Lecturer Frank Sherwin, and Science Writer Brian Thomas-this explosive documentary is filled with cutting-edge research, recent incredible discoveries, and remarkable answers for both young and old.

Dragons or Dinosaurs? presents startling and verifiable evidence that humans walked with dinosaurs!

This documentary could become one of the most powerful witnessing tools in your DVD library! Since the title will naturally stir people's curiosity, you could easily give this DVD to a friend. The viewer will be exposed to much more compelling material than they bargained for, and Dragons or Dinosaurs? skillfully concludes by placing the viewer face-to-face with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Length: 80 min.

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