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Answers Book 3

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The New Answers Book 3
by Ken Ham

The world around us provides irrefutable evidence of our Creator, but when challenged, can you defend your faith? Do you have answers to your own questions or those of your family abouth faith, evolution, creation, and a biblical worldview?

Get the important information you need in this compelling third book from the popular Answers series, and learn more about:


  • The existence of God
  • The Nephilim
  • Global warming and Climate Change
  • Cloning and stem cells
  • Human and chimp DNA
  • The importance of Mount St. Helens
  • Questions for evolutionists
  • The origin of life on Earth
  • The location of the Garden of Eden
  • What Noah's ark looked like
  • How Noah fit all the animals on the ark
  • How we know the Flood was not local
  • Abortion
  • Why the earth "looks old"
  • How and when Grand Canyon formed
  • Astronomy's confirmation of a young earth
  • The continents and the Days of Peleg
  • Vestigial organs
  • Tiktaalik
  • The best argument for the existence of God
  • Some of the best evidences for the Flood
  • Unicorns in the Bible
  • Slavery in the Bible
  • How to start a new life in Christ
  • The universe – young or old?...and much

Learn how to be more effective in defense of scriptural authority and the truth of Genesis as literal history. Join Ken Ham and leading creation scientists like Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Andrew Snelling, Dr. Georgia Purdom, Dr, David Menton, Dr. Terry Mortenson, Dr. John Morris, Dr. Steve Austin, Dr. David DeWitt, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Joe Francis, and others as they provide simple and empowering answers to these and other popular questions of faith in our culture today. (381 pages)


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