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Alien Intrusion Set

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Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection
Gary Bates

Little green men? Flying saucers? No longer relegated to the lunatic fringe, the search for alien life has taken the world by storm. In this sensational book, UFO researcher Gary Bates exposes truths that will change readers forever.

This book leads the reader inexorably to one conclusion: there is an ‘intergalactic’ battle over the history of life in the universe, and for the souls of human beings. Eye-opening insights that will likely win many for Christ. (High School–Adult) 380 pages.

Alien Abductions and UFOs—Exposed! DVD
Presenter Gary Bates

Can spacecraft be reaching us from light-years away? Is there life on other planets? Are people really experiencing alien visitations and what does all this have to do with the debate on origins? This presentation digs deeper and unravels the truth behind the vast amounts of misinformation surrounding the UFO phenomenon. It’s even more disturbing than most think. (High School–Adult) 53min.

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