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Wonders of Creation Series Books & Study Guide

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The Wonders of Creation Series

This amazing offer includes the ENTIRE Wonder of Creation Series.

Explore five specific fields of science with this series—fossils, archaeology, ecology, geology, cave, astronomy, weather, and oceans. This series looks at creation from a biblical perspective and points out the scientific evidences for creation as well as the shortcomings of the evolutionary models.

Your students will benefit from the wealth of information they will receive from these great resources and you will benefit from the great value!
(5th to 12th grade)


8 Books + *8 Study Guides (Download Only)

The study guides are in Adobe Acrobat format.
In order to view and print the file, you must download a free copy of Acrobat Reader, if it is not already installed on your system. After you download the reader you must install it in order to view the study guides.

Download Free Study Guides
pdf The Archaeology Book (Study Guide) (Size: 824.9 KB)
pdf The Astronomy Book (Study Guide) (Size: 256.2 KB)
pdf The Cave Book (Study Guide) (Size: 956.3 KB)
pdf The Ecology Book (Study Guide) (Size: 624.2 KB)
pdf The Fossil Book (Study Guide) (Size: 206.9 KB)
pdf The Geology Book (Study Guide) (Size: 186.1 KB)
pdf The Ocean Book (Study Guide) (Size: 1.2 MB)
pdf The Weather Book (Study Guide) (Size: 90.7 KB)



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