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Understand Science While Believing the Bible

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Understanding Science While Believing the Bible
by Dr. Carolyn Reeves

This book is written primarily for Christians who may have difficulty understanding the ways of science and scientists. In particular, it is for students being taught about evolution, who wonder if they have to choose between believing the Bible or believing science.

Acquiring a basic understanding of what science is and how it works is the first step in dealing with scientific studies of origins. Knowing the "rules of the game" enable students to evaluate claims made by both creation scientists and evolutionary scientists -- to judge for themselves whether the evidence for a theory is strong, weak, or impossible.

This book includes brief non-technical discussions of some of the more powerful scientific challenges to evolution. It also presents some of the arguments that living things show evidence of Intelligent Design. This discussion is not intended to be a point-by-point debate. Rather, it presents an overview of main ideas in an understandable manner.

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