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Creation Team Adventure: A Jurassic Ark Mystery

Type: Children
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The Creation Adveture Team:
A Jurassic Ark Mystery

The Creation Adventure Team travels the world in a fun-filled quest to uncover the mysteries of the dinosaurs. When did they live? How did they die? What do their remains reveal? What about Noah's Flood, and were there dinosaurs on the Ark? Join The Discovery Team as they explore the "X-tinct Files" to reveal the incredible answer to the great dinosaur mystery!

From a submarine deep underwater to an airplane high above the earth, Buddy and his team are out to explore! Biblical reality glasses reveal the unseen biblical truth about God and the world around us.

This kid-friendly series combines live-action with cutting edge special effects and animatronics, plus 2D and 3D animation. Every episode is accompanied by fun songs and tons of humor.

The Creation Adventure Team features real-life dinosaur researcher and recording artist, Buddy Davis. He has dug up Duckbill dinosaur fossils in Alaska and recorded several Christian music albums, but Buddy is probably best-known for his life-sized dinosaur models.
Length: 40 min


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