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Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure

Type: Children
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Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure
by John D Morris

This unique family book was written by an explorer of that famous mountain. A thrilling tale of danger, daring, and discovery, this book contains actual photographs of Mt. Ararat and detailed drawings of eyewitness sightings of Noah's ark.

Is there reliable evidence that Noah's ark is still on Mt. Ararat? If so, why hasn't it been found? Dr. John Morris looks at the clues that have been found and takes you with him up the mountain as he and his friends explore the areas of reported sightings.

Discover what the world was like before the Flood. What was it like when men and dinosaurs lived side by side? Just how did Noah get all those animals into the ark? These questions and many more are answered in this fascinating book. Ages 6 - adult. (64 pages)

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