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Keys to the Past

Type: Jr. High
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Keys to the Past
by Christina & Felice Gerwitz

Join the Murphys as they face evolutionary claims, sunken treasure, diving adventures, pirates, and a fight for their lives…

Once again the Murphy teens are propelled into another exciting adventure! While accompanying their father on an assignment to document the salvaging of a sunken Spanish wreck off the coast of Key Largo, Christian and Anna soon encounter trouble.

Friendship with headstrong local girl, Andrea Lance, plunges them into danger when they agree to help her find answers surrounding her father’s tragic accident at sea. Meanwhile, the salvaging ship, the treasure is in jeopardy of being stolen. From the uncovering of a mysterious artifact to the concealing of true identities, what the Murphys find leads them to adventure, intrigue, and a fight for their lives! Will they be able to escape? And what about the deep-sea core drillings done by the expedition scientists? Is there evidence in the ocean’s sedimentary layers suggesting evolution is true?

In the Truth Seekers Mystery Series, you’ll experience adventure, mystery, heart stopping suspense, and faith played out first-hand by the Murphy family. This action adventure mystery will keep you guessing to the very end!

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