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Is The Big Bang Biblical?

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Is the Big Bang Biblical?
by John Morris

One of the most clear and concise answers books on relevant topics concerning science and faith • Biblically addresses questions of science, creation, and ethics • Answers are written in a clear, concise manner -easy to understand • Great reference book for creationists, pastors, and teachers John Morris, president of the Institute for Creation Research, tackles many of the questions concerning science and Christianity that are vital to today’s society.

In addition to the title question, Morris uses his biblical and scientific backgrounds to address questions such as “Hasn’t Life Been Created in the Laboratory?”, “What about Stem Cell Research?”, “Whose Values Are Family Values?”, “Does Science Conflict with the Bible?”, and many, many others. This book will be a welcome complement to the library of every Christian faced with questions involving science, faith, and the accuracy of the Bible.

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