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Thousands Not Billions Study Guide

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Thousands Not Billions Study Guide
by Dr. Don DeYoung

The ground breaking results of the RATE Project have been described for the general

Audience in Dr. Don DeYound’s popular book, Thousands… Not Billions. This book describing radioisotope dating and evidence for accelerated nuclear decay is now even more useful and relevant with the availability of the new Thousands… Not Billions Study Guide. This new resources guides the reader through Dr. DeYoung’s book chapter by chapter with chapter objectives, chapter outlines, chapter overviews, implication and review questions, and additional activities. Chapters study include:

  •  A Brief History of Radiation Studies
  • Overview of Radioisotope Dating
  • Carbon – 14 Dating
  • Helium Retention in Zircons
  • Radiohalos in Granite
  • Fission Tracks in Zircons
  • Discordant Radioisotope Dates
  • Radioisotope Dating Case Studies
  • Theories of Accelerated Nuclear Decay
  • A Proper Reading of Genesis 1:1 – 2:3
  • RATE Conclusions

This study guide is designed for serious students in just about any setting – classroom, youth groups Sunday School, small groups, and Bible studies. Examine the evidence for a young earth and equip yourself to defend the Scriptures.

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