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Exploring the World of Physics

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Exploring the World of Physics
by John Hudson Tiner

The latest installment of the wildly successful “Exploring” series, this textbook supplement explains physics in remarkably clear detail. Complemented with black-and-white illustrations, the book uses ordinary speech to explain the concepts of physics. The author’s goal is to “write at a 6th grade level, but explain the concepts so that a motivated 4th grader can understand the material.”

Physics equations and formulas are kept to a minimum. The author starts with the simple and goes on to the complex, and the development is somewhat historical in nature, but is intended to be an introductory book for beginning physics students. Material of a more difficult nature is found in sidebars entitled “For More Study.” 

Learn about the laws of motion, gravity, simple machines, energy, heat, states of matter, wave motion, light, electricity and more... In this book, you will find bios of famous physicist, ideas for further study, and hands on experiments.

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