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H.O.L.D. Science Program Boca (2020-2021)

09/14/2020 - 04/26/2021


Boca Raton, FL 33434


Hands On Creation Science
Instructor Joanne Rabolli with the Creation Studies Institute, Fort Lauderdale

**This class is exclusively for families who have been accepted at HOLD.**
Units are designed to bring together the wonders of God’s world and a Biblical worldview. Students will acquire valuable skills through age-appropriate scientific inquiry while gaining a deeper appreciation of God’s creation. This course is designed for the student to get a broad sampling of the major fields of science and to be “hands-on” with as many in-class experiments as possible.

Each class will be devoted to experiments where the students can see actual cause and effect in action. Our lab time is filled with exciting learning and discovery on a particular topic. With inquiry-based learning and hands-on activities, your children will work both individually and in small groups. They will participate in class demonstrations, discuss science principles and concepts, learn new science terminologies, and apply the scientific method as these activities are carried out. Through Hands-On Science, your child will be able to touch, see, hear, smell, and taste what science is really all about. We will strive to provide an atmosphere that is both safe and fun. Our focus is on keeping our learning environment engaging for all children participating in our lab. Also, each student will learn how to document and draw conclusions from each experiment. Using the lab’s endless supply of science materials, students will develop excitement and curiosity for everything related to science.

Some areas of exploration may include, but are not limited to: the senses, things that rot, dinosaurs, wetlands of Florida and its creatures, meteorology & wild weather, ocean life, things that fly, astronomy & a mission to Mars, forces & motion, fossil exploration, Entomology & the dissection of bugs, Chemistry, and forensic science. No textbooks and little or no homework for this class ~ just a desire to learn and have fun with science!

Tuition: $210 per student


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